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With a twist tip design and a suction cup SUPER SOFT is just as the name suggests, super soft and floppy  made from very low density platinum based silicone. Hand made using color changing pigments, purple to blue and green to white, the clolor changes with body heat.


Every PUBLICPARTS dildo is hand crafted from an original design and hand poured using medical grade platinum silicone which is body safe, non porous, stain resistant & incredibly durable. Platinum based silicone is FDA approved and is a much more expensive material than cheaper alternatives such as TPE or PVC.


Due to this items design involving color changing heat sensitive dye please avoid boiling or putting in the dishwasher, instead please clean by hand.



MATERIAL: 100% body safe platinum silicone


SIZING: Length - 6.5", Girth - 4.7". Harness compatible


CARE: This item may be cleaned by hand, boiled or put in the dishwasher

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